About Us

Welcome to Nightcap, an enchanting cocktail haven nestled in the heart of Edinburgh, where you’ll find expertly crafted nightcaps, premium whiskies, and a captivating atmosphere. As a proud constituent of the Tiny Cup Collective, Nightcap is part of a dynamic group of venues that celebrate the art of mixology and the world of fine spirits, encompassing bars, retail, and wholesale offerings.

Our eclectic speakeasy-style bar showcases a striking blend of concrete, tile, reclaimed wooden barrels, and hidden bright contemporary lighting, creating a one-of-a-kind ambiance that sets the stage for an unforgettable evening. Our professional mixologists take pride in using locally-sourced ingredients to concoct unique libations tailored to your taste, alongside a well-curated whisky selection.

As the night unfolds, Nightcap opens its doors exclusively for members after midnight, offering an unparalleled late-night experience. Embark on a spirited journey with us at Nightcap, where the magic of Edinburgh’s nightlife and the charm of the Tiny Cup Collective come together to create lasting memories.